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OrthoSongbad is committed to disseminating fair and objective news and information, aiming to keep readers informed about social, economic, financial, and political developments. With a focus on promoting a competitive market-oriented economy and inclusive growth, OrthoSongbad emphasizes economic and financial literacy. Upholding professional and ethical values, it respects human rights and dignity while adhering to applicable laws. The newspaper aims to provide timely, accurate, and unbiased news, strengthening public opinion in favor of national sovereignty, democracy, and secularism. It maintains high ethical standards, fact-checking rigorously, and promptly correcting any errors. Organized under an efficient leadership structure, OrthoSongbad ensures smooth workflow across various departments, each contributing to its journalistic integrity and commitment to its readership.
Publisher: Manna ShomeEditor: Haider Ahmed Khan FCAActing Editor: Sharif NizamManaging Editor: Shahin Alamgir
Editorial and Commercial Office: 12/4, Advanced Technohaven Tower, Level 4, Suit# 5/B, Road No: 02, Motijheel C/A, Dhaka-1000. Bangladesh. Phone: +88 01791 004858 (10am-10pm, Phone & WhatsApp)Advertise Phone: +88 01791 004858 Email: [email protected] All Contact: [email protected] News: [email protected] Human Resource: [email protected]