About Sarabangla

Sarabangla.net is a multimedia platform of real-time journalism with news, views and entertainment. Breaking the stories and diversifying the contents are the major commitments of this media outlet from Bangladesh.
SARABANGLA.NET is a Bangladesh based multimedia platform for news, opinion and entertainment. It’s a 24/7/365 platform to keep the readers and audience updated with each moment’s national and international developments.
Officially launched on December 6, 2017, sarabangla.net is aiming to engaging Bangla speaking people within the territory and beyond by publishing news and views for them, of them and by them.
This 360 Degree digital platform is highly focused on Breaking Stories, while it is also emphasizing on multi-variety contents in the forms of audio-visual, text and infographs.
This user-friendly platform is responsive to all small, medium and large screens.
বদরুল আলম খান
কর্পোরেট ও সম্পাদকীয় অফিস:

৩৭/২ গাজী গোলাম দস্তগীর সড়ক, ঢাকা – ১০০০
সংবাদ কক্ষ:
২৫ সেগুনবাগিচা, ঢাকা – ১০০০

২০২৩ সারাবাংলা.নেট সকল অধিকার সংরক্ষিত।

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