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“Desh Shamachar” is a Bengali newspaper catering to readers across Bangladesh. With a focus on providing comprehensive coverage of national and international news, politics, economics, culture, sports, and community events, “Desh Shamachar” plays a vital role in keeping its audience informed and engaged. Through its reporting and analysis, the newspaper contributes to public awareness, dialogue, and understanding of various issues affecting Bangladesh and beyond. “Desh Shamachar” aims to uphold journalistic integrity and serve as a trusted source of information for its readership.
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অফিস – ই- ১৭/৪, পল্টন চায়না টাউন, পল্টন ঢাকা- ১০০০। ফোন : +8801720-210657 ই-মেইল : [email protected] ; [email protected]