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amaderbarishal Daily Amader Barisal
“Amader Barisal” is a significant Bengali newspaper based in Barisal, Bangladesh. It provides extensive coverage of local and national news, focusing on politics, economics, culture, sports, and community events specific to the Barisal division. As a trusted source of information, “Amader Barisal” serves the residents of Barisal by delivering timely updates and insights into various aspects of their lives and surroundings. Through its reporting and analysis, the newspaper contributes to public awareness, engagement, and development in the Barisal region.
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৪৬১ আগরপুর রোড (নীচ তলা), বরিশাল-৮২০০। ফোন: ০৪৩১-৬৪৫৪৪, ই-মেইল: [email protected]